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    Let’s Bond Adhesive

    Your new favorite lash adhesive! No more bad glue days! This new formula works in cold or hot environments. Let’s bond adhesive consists of:

    • 1-2 sec dry;

    • Medium viscosity;

    • Humidity levels 40%-70%;

    • Temperature 20°-26°;

    • Low fumes;

    • Black color;

    • 5-6 week retention.

    For professional use only, not suitable for people with allergic reactions to Cyanoacrylate, Methacrylate, and Carbon black.

  • Cream Remover

    Our new cream remover is here to help you remove any type of eyelash extensions without damaging your client’s natural lashes.

    Simply apply with a microbrush remover throughout the lash line and wait 5/10 minutes so the cream can work its magic. Once lashes are off, I would recommend to clean the excess with a wipe and only after with the foam cleanser.

    In case of contact with the eyes make sure you use a wipe to clean the excess and keep the fan turned on at the same time to prevent burn.

  • Final Touch Sealant

    Our new Final Touch Sealant is here to help you finish your sets in greatness!

    One simple drop in a micro brush throughout the base of the lashes in the lash line and your set will last longer and glue will cure faster!

    Please note 24h/48 are still advised against any humidity/steam/water/heat.

  • Bond Me Up Superbonder

    Our new super bonder Bond Me Up was created to help all of you that find that your glue takes a bit longer to dry or struggle to keep your fans open!

    Superbonder is used by applying a drop in a microbrush and going through the base of the lashes while still in the tape, then wait 1/2 minutes for it to dry and you’re ready to go!

    I personally don’t recommend superbonder if you use 0.5-1 sec dry glue, as this will make it dry too quick before it evens bonds to the natural lash.